How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS Toyota Camry 2007-2017

Toyota Camry TPMS Reset:Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset tire pressure warning light on Toyota Camry 2007 2008 2009 2010.You need to reset or relearn the tpms after tire rotation or tire replacement.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Toyota Camry Tire Pressure Reset

1.Inflate all tire with “RECOMMENDED PRESSURE” given on vehicle door pannel.

2.PULL or ENGAGE the parking brake.

3.Turn the ignition “ON”.

4.PRESS and HOLD the “TPMS” reset button untill “TPMS” light blink “THREE” times in cluster meter.

5. “DISENGAGE” the parking brake.

2012 2013 2014 Toyota Camry TPMS Light Reset

1.Turn the key to “POSITION 2”.

2.Ignition “ON” engine “OFF”.

3.Open dashboard glove box.

4.PRESS and HOLD the “TPMS” reset button.

5. “TPMS” light will start to “FLASHING”.

6.CONTINUE to HOLD reset button until “TPMS” light “STOP” flashing.

7.Once the light stop “FLASHING” release the button.

8.Turn the “KEY OFF” and “START” the vehicle.

2015 2016 2017 Toyota Camry TPMS Reset

1.If you have “KEY” turn it “ON” to “POSITION 2”.

2.If your has vehicle has “PUSH START” PRESS it “TWICE” without PRESSING brake.

3.Open GLOVE compartment in your vehicle DASHBOARD.

4.PRESS and HOLD the “TPMS SET” button as long as “FIVE” seconds.

5. “TPMS” light will “BLINK THREE times and it will go “OFF”.

6.Now “RELEASE” the “SET” button.

Befor performing reset make sure to inflate all tires with recommended PSI.To get best reset take a test drive after reset procedure is finished.


Please check with owner manual for correct tire size and psi for your vehicle.Information in this post is for training purpose and to be used as guide line only.

Thank You

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