How To Reset Toyota Camry Tire Pressure TPMS 2018-2022

Toyota Camry TPMS Reset :Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset tire pressure monitoring system on Toyota Camry 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022.Before doing any type of reset make sure tire are inflated by correct PSI.

2018-2021 Toyota Camry TPMS Reset

1.Power “ON” engine “OFF”.

2.If vehicle has “KEY” turn it to “POSITION 2”.

3.If vehicle has “PUSH” start button PRESS button “TWICE” without foot on brake.

Camry Tire Reset

4.PRESS left arrow button till “SETTING” display in cluster meter screen.

5.Scroll down using down arrown button to “VEHICLE SETTINGS”.

6.PRESS “OK” “VEHICLE SETTINGS” menu will open.

7.Scroll to “TPWS” and PRESS “OK” button.

8. “TPWS” menu will open in cluster screen.

9.Scroll to “SET PRESSURE” and PRESS and HOLD “OK” button until the tire pressure warning light blink “THREE” time.

10. “SETTING TIRE PRESSURE WARNING SYSTEM” display in cluster screen.

This will reset the TPMS monitoring system.Every time “NOT READY TO DRIVE” pop-up during reset procedure PRESS “BACK” button to go back to reset.

5 Tips To Make Your Tires Last Long

1.Inspect the shock absorner of your car if your shock absorber are not working right.Then your tires are going absorb more shocks.Which will make them wear faster.Because shock absorber hold tires in there correct position.

2.Inspect suspesion tie-rod of your car.If tie-rod is not good it will cause jerky movement specialy from side to side.That will make them wear out early.

3.Check balljoint of your car if balljoint are not good it will make car sit in wrong position.When you car hit speed breaker or corner it will wobble this will wear tire faster.

4.Check tire pressure regularly and have correct pressure at all time.Tire pressure is very important for long life of your tires.(Check owner manual or your vehicle doors for correct pressure for your car)

5.Drive your car regularly.If you dont use your tires they sit dry and develop cracks and you’re going to have to get new tires.


Please check with owner manual of Camry for correct tire size and psi.Information in this post to be used as guideline only.

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