P0105 Ford-Manifold Absolute Pressure Circuit Malfunction

Code P0105 Ford is DTC code indicating problem with manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP Sensor) circuit. MAP sensor measures the pressure of the air entering the engine, helping engine control module determine the appropriate air-fuel mixture.

Possible Causes Code P0105 Ford

1.Malfunctioning manifold absolute pressure sensor providing incorrect reading to the engine control module.

2.Leaks in the manifold hoses can cause inaccurate pressure reading triggering p0105 code.

3.Damaged or disconnected wires, connectors or terminals related to manifold absolute pressure sensor circuit can trigger p0105 code.

4.If the manifold absolute pressure sensor is covered in dirt, oil or debris. It may not function correctly leading to incorrect pressure reading and triggering p0105 code.

5.Malfunctioning ECM might not properly interpret the signal from manifold absolute pressure sensor resulting in p0105 being triggered.

6.If manifold absolute pressure sensor is not receiving the correct voltage from the vehicle’s electrical system it can trigger p0105 code.

7.Air intake restriction due to clogged air filter or other obstruction can affect pressure readings and trigger p0105 code.

8.Issue with the EGR system, such as malfunctioning EGR valve can affect pressure reading and trigger p0105 code.

Ford P0105 Possible Symptoms

1.Illumination of check engine light on the dashboard is most common symptoms of p0105 code.

2.Poor engine performance due to incorrect air-fuel mixture caused by faulty pressure reading from manifold absolute pressure sensor.

3.Incorrect pressure reading can lead to inefficient fuel combustion resulting in reduced fuel efficiency and potentially higher fuel consumption.

4.Engine may stall when idling or while driving especially during sudden throttle changes. If the engine control module receives inaccurate pressure data from manifold absolute pressure sensor.

5.Malfunctioning manifold absolute pressure sensor can contribute to higher emission due to improper air-fuel mixture control.

6.Difficulty starting due to incorrect pressure reading affecting the starting process.

7.Engine ping or knock under pressure due to improper combustion resulting from inaccurate pressure data.

8.Vehicle might experience reduced power during acceleration or while climbing hills.

How To Fix P0105 Ford

1.Check wiring, connectors and terminals associated with manifold absolute pressure sensor circuit for damage, corrosion or loose connections.

2.Inspect manifold absolute pressure sensor for dirt, oil or debris that might be affecting its performance. Clean the sensor carefully using appropriate cleaning solution if required.

3.Test manifold absolute pressure sensor’s voltage and resistance according to the manufacturer’s specification using a multi-meter. Replace the manifold absolute pressure sensor if it’s found to be faulty.

4.Inspect intake manifold and vacuum hoses for vacuum leaks or cracks. Any air leaks can lead to inaccurate pressure readings, repair or replace damaged components.

5.Malfunctioning EGR valve can impact pressure reading, if your vehicle has EGR system make sure it’s functioning properly.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford p0105 for proper repair.

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