P0104 Ford-Mass Air Flow Sensor ‘A’ Circuit Intermittent

Code P0104 Ford is DTC code indicating problem with mass air flow sensor circuit. This code suggests that there might be an issue with the signal coming from mass airflow sensor to the ECM which could affect engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Possible Causes Code P0104 Ford

1.Mass air flow sensor itself might be faulty, providing inaccurate reading and triggering p0104.

2.Dirt or contaminants on mass air flow sensor sensing elements can lead to inaccurate reading triggering p0104 code.

3.Any leaks in the intake system, such as cracked hoses or loose connection can allow unmetered air to enter affecting mass air flow sensor reading and triggering p0104 code.

4.Faulty, damaged or corroded wiring, connector or terminals between mass air flow sensor and engine control module can disrupt the signal and trigger this code.

5.Leaks in the vacuum lines or intake manifold gasket can lead to inaccurate air measurements by the mass air flow sensor triggering p0104.

6.Clogged or dirty air filter can restrict airflow causing the mass air flow sensor to give incorrect reading.

7.Excessive carbon deposit build-up on mass air flow sensor sensing element can affect its accuracy triggering p0104.

8.Excessive oil consumption might lead to oil residue accumulation on the mass air flow sensor resulting p0104 being triggered.

9.Engine mechanical issue such as malfunctioning ERG valve can lead to abnormal airflow patterns and trigger p0104 code.

10. In rare cases malfunctioning engine control module might not be processing the mass air flow sensor data correctly triggering p0104 code.

Ford P0104 Possible Symptoms

1.Illumination of check engine light on the dashboard is most common symptoms of p0104.

2.Vehicle might experience a decrease in engine power, acceleration and overall engine performance due to incorrect air-to-fuel mixture.

3.Inaccurate mass air flow sensor reading can result in improper fuel delivery leading to poor fuel efficiency.

4.Engine might exhibit rough idling or even stalling due to incorrect air measurements affecting the combustion process.

5.Stalling or hesitation might occur when decelerating, as engine control module struggles to adjust the air-fuel mixture correctly.

6.Surging or hesitation during acceleration due to fluctuating air measurements.

7.Incorrect air-fuel mixture can result in excessive exhaust emissions which could potentially fail emissions test.

8.Engine might be difficult to start or require multiple attempts especially when mass air flow sensor readings are significantly off.

9.Reduced engine performance under high loads or when towing, as the engine control module isn’t receiving correct airflow data.

10.Transmission might exhibit erratic or harsh shift due to engine related issues in vehicle with automatic transmissions.

How To Fix P0104 Ford

1.Check mass air flow sensor for any signs of damage, contamination or wear. If sensor is found dirty, clean it using a specialized sensor cleaner following manufacturer directive.

2.Inspect wiring, connectors and terminals related to mass air flow sensor. Look for signs of corrosion, damage or loose connection and repair or replace damaged components as required.

3.Check intake system for any air leaks, such as cracked hoses or loose clamps. Repair or replace any components that are leading to air leaks.

4.Check air filter for dirt or clogs. Replace the air filter if it’s damaged or dirty. As clogged air filter can affect airflow and trigger p0104 code.

5.If cleaning the mass air flow sensor didn’t resolve the issue replace the sensor. Make sure that the replacement sensor is appropriate for your vehicle.

6.If there are vacuum leaks in the system, address vacuum leaks by repairing or replacing the affected components to restore proper vacuum pressure.

7.If there’s excessive oil residue on the mass air flow sensor, investigate the cause of the oil consumption and resolve it. Cleaning the sensor might be necessary.

8.If mass air flow sensor need calibration, calibrate it following the manufacturer’s instruction.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford p0104 for proper repair.

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