P0103 Ford-Mass Air Flow Circuit High Input

Code P0103 Ford is DTC code indicating issue with mass airflow sensor’s high input signal. This sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine helping the engine control module adjust the fuel mixture for optimal performance.

Possible Causes Code P0103 Ford

1.Faulty or malfunctioning mass airflow sensor leading to inaccurate reading.

2.Air leaks in the intake system, such as cracked hoses or gasket can cause irregular airflow reading and trigger p0103 code.

3.Damaged wiring, poor connections or corroded terminals in the mass airflow sensor circuit can result in incorrect voltage signals triggering this code.

4.Clogged or dirty air filter can affect airflow readings, leading to improper sensor reading and trigger p0103.

5.Issues within the intake manifold, like leaks or blockages can disrupt airflow and trigger p0103 code.

6.If the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is not functioning correctly, it can cause irregular airflow and trigger p0103 code.

7.In rare cases faulty engine control module might be sending incorrect signals to mass airflow sensor leading to p0103 being triggered.

Ford P0103 Possible Symptoms

1.Most common symptoms of p0103 is illumination of check engine light on the dashboard.

2.You might experience reduce power, acceleration and overall engine performance due to incorrect air-fuel mixture adjustments.

3.Engine may idle roughly or even stall at times, as engine control module struggles to manage the air-fuel mixture accurately.

4.Incorrect airflow reading can result in inefficient fuel combustion leading to poor fuel economy.

5.During acceleration you might experience hesitation, surging or even intermittent jerking as engine control module receives inaccurate airflow data.

6.Malfunctioning mass airflow sensor can lead to higher emission due to incorrect fuel mixture, causing the vehicle to fail emissions tests.

7.Hard starting especially when cold, if the mass airflow sensor is providing incorrect data.

How To Fix P0103 Ford

1.Examine the mass airflow sensor for any signs of damage or contamination. Ensure it’s properly mounted and securely connected.

2.Inspect wiring and connection in the mass airflow sensor circuit for damage, corrosion or loose connections.

3.Inspect and ensure that the air filter is clean not clogged. Replace the air filter if it’s dirty or damage, as clogged filter can affect airflow reading.

4.Check for vacuum leaks in the intake system by inspecting hoses, gasket and connections. Perform smoke test to single out any leaks.

5.Inspect intake manifold for leaks, cracks or blockages that might disrupt airflow.

6.Inspect exhaust gas recirculation system for malfunction or clogs that could affect airflow.

7.After addressing identified issues, clear the DTC code using diagnostic tools.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford p0103 for proper repair.

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