How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS Skoda Rapid 2012-2019

Skoda Rapid TPMS Reset:Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset tyre pressure on Skoda Rapid 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019.When tyre pressure warning light iluminate in cluster meter screen.You need to refill all tyre with accurate air pressure and perform the reset.Follow the step by step procedure given below to perform reset.

How To Reset Tyre Pressure Light Skoda Rapid

Before doing the reset make sure to fill all tyre with recommended pressure.

Step 1

Close all door and hood.

Step 2

Ignition ON engine OFF .

Step 3

Go to infotainment screen and press CAR button.

Step 4

Now press the settings sign on infotainment screen.

Step 5

Vehicle settings will open in infotainment screen.

Step 6

Now press Tyre on infotainment screen.

Step 7

Tyre Pressure .Loss Indicator will open in infotainment screen.

Step 8

Now press the Set button on the screen.

Step 9

Do all 4 tyre pressure match the required value open in screen.

Step 10

Now press Confirm on infotainment screen.

Step 11

Tyre pressure stored will display in infotainment screen.

Now exit the setup and start engine you will find that tmps warning light has disappear from cluster meter screen.

Skoda Rapid TPMS Warning Light Reset 2012-2019

  1. All door and hood closed
  2. Ignition ON engine nut running.
  3. On infotainment screen press CAR .
  4. Now press Settings sign.
  5. Vehicle Settings will open.
  6. Now press Tyre on infotainment screen.
  7. Tyre Pressure.Loss Indicator will open.
  8. Now press SET button.
  9. Do all 4 tyre match req value appear in screen.
  10. Now press Confirm.
  11. Tyre Pressure Stored will appear in screen.

Make sure to fill tyre with recommended pressure before performing the proceduer.To get best result drive the car for few kilometer after tmps resetting.


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