How To Service Reset Mercedes Vito 2016-2017

Service Reset Mercedes Vito:Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset Mercedes Vito oil service maintenance light 2016 2017 model.If reset is not done system will not identify when next oil change is due.Follow the step by step guide given below to perform the proceduer.

How To Reset Oil Change Light Mercedes Vito 2016-2017

1.Ignition ON engine OFF.

2.Press OK button left side and telephone button right side on steering wheel.

3.Press both OK and telephone button together for ten seconds.

4.Menu will open in cluster meter screen.

5.Scroll down to ASSYST PLUS using up down arrow button .

6.Press OK button on left of steering wheel.

7.Service menu will open in cluster meter screen.

8.Scroll down to Full Service and press OK button.

9.Service A : Confirm with OK will display in cluster meter screen.

10.Now press OK button on steering wheel.

11.Oil Grade will open in cluster meter screen.

12.Select oil grade Eg: Oil grade 228.51 and press OK button.

13.Oil grade 228.51 Serv.carried out ? will open in cluster meter screen.

14.Scroll down to Yes and press OK button .

15.Cannot be undone will open in cluster meter screen.

16.Scroll down to Confirm and press OK button.

Mercedes Vito Service Reset 2016-2017 Quick Guide

  1. Ignition ON engine OFF
  2. Press OK and telephone button on steering wheel.
  3. Press it together for ten seconds.
  4. Menu will open scroll down to ASSYST PLUS.
  5. Now press OK button.
  6. Service menu will open scroll to Full service.
  7. Now press OK button.
  8. Service A:Confirm with OK will pop up.
  9. Now press OK button.
  10. Oil grade will pop up.
  11. Select Oil grade and press OK button.
  12. Oil grade 228.51 Service carried out ? will pop up.
  13. Scroll down to Yes and press OK button.
  14. Cannot be undone will pop up.
  15. Scroll down to Confirm and press OK button.

Now start the engine you will find the service light has been reseted and warning light has disappeared.


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