P0096 Ford-Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit Range/Performance

Code P0096 Ford is DTC code indicating an issue with the intake air temperature sensor 2 circuit. It indicates that the signal from the intake air temperature sensor 2 is not within the expected range which could lead to poor engine performance.

Possible Causes Code P0096 Ford

1.Intake air temperature sensor measures the temperature of the incoming air to the engine. If this sensor fails it can send incorrect signal to the ECM triggering p0096.

2.Damaged or corroded wiring going to intake air temperature sensor can cause erratic reading or no signal at all.

3.Damaged or loose connector of the intake air temperature sensor can disrupt communication between the sensor and ECM triggering this code.

4.Open or short circuit within the wiring related to the intake air temperature sensor can lead to inaccurate reading and cause ECM to trigger this code.

5.Faulty ECM might not be able to properly receive or interpret the signal from intake air temperature sensor triggering this code.

6.Leaks in the air intake system can lead to discrepancy between the actual temperature of incoming air and the expected value causing ECM to trigger p0096.

7.Incorrect air/fuel mixture due to malfunctioning mass air flow sensor or other components can affect the intake air temperature sensor reading triggering p0096.

8.Vacuum leaks in the engine’s intake manifold can affect the air-fuel mixture causing issue with temperature readings and triggering this code.

Ford P0096 Possible Symptoms

1.Check engine light illumination is most common symptom for p0096.

2.Decrease in engine performance such as reduced acceleration, lack of power or reduced acceleration.

3.Intake air temperature sensor sending incorrect temperature data to the ECM can cause engine to run too rich or too lean. Leading to decreased fuel efficiency and potentially higher fuel consumption.

4.Inaccurate temperature reading can affect engine ability to start smoothly, resulting in hard starting or rough idling.

5.Engine hesitation or surging during acceleration due to incorrect air and fuel mixture calculation.

How To Fix P0096 Ford

1.Inspect intake air temperature sensor 2 wiring for damage or corrosion. If sensor is found faulty replace it with new sensor.

2.Inspect wiring and connector of the intake air temperature sensor 2 circuit for breaks, shorts or loose connection.

3.Ensure that the engine coolant temperature sensor is functioning properly, if it’s found faulty replace it.

4.Inspect intake system for any vacuum leaks as they can affect sensor reading, repair if any leaks are found.

5.Inspect mass air flow sensor for proper functioning, clean or replace the mass air flow sensor if necessary.

6.Make sure there are no leaks in the intake system that could affect air intake reading, repair if any leaks found.


It’s important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford p0096 for proper repair.

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