P0068 Ford-MAP/MAF Throttle Position Correlation

Ford P0068 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Mass Air Flow Sensor Throttle Position Correlation

Code P0068 Ford is DTC code indicating that there is a correlation problem between MAP sensor or MAF sensor and the throttle position sensor. These sensor are essential for the engine management system to calculate the correct air/fuel mixture for efficient combustion.

Possible Causes Code P0068 Ford

1.Manifold absolute pressure sensor may be malfunctioning providing incorrect reading or no signal at all to ECM.

2.Mass air flow sensor may be faulty providing inaccurate reading of the incoming air to the engine control module.

3.Throttle position sensor may be faulty, not correctly passing on the throttle position information to the engine control module.

4.Vacuum leaks in the intake manifold or related vacuum line can lead to inaccurate sensor reading and disrupt the correlation between MAP/MAF sensor and throttle position sensor.

5.Clogged or dirty air filter can affect the airflow into the engine leading to irregular sensor reading and triggering p0068.

6.Wiring or connector issue with the wiring harness or connectors connected to MAP/MAF sensor and throttle position sensor can cause communication error and trigger p0068.

Ford P0068 Possible Symptoms

1.Illumination of check engine light is most noticeable symptoms of p0068.

2.Engine may exhibit reduce power and performance due to incorrect air-fuel mixture ratio caused by the discrepancy in sensor reading resulting in sluggish acceleration and overall poor engine performance.

3.Engine may experience rough idling or unstable idling when at a standstill.

4.Incorrect sensor reading can lead to improper fuel delivery, causing engine to consume more fuel leading to decreased fuel efficiency.

5.Incorrect air-fuel mixture can result in increased emission which may cause a fail emissions test of the vehicle.

How To Fix P0068 Ford

1.Visually inspect vacuum lines, wiring and connector associated with MAP/MAF sensor and throttle position sensor for any signs of damage, disconnection or corrosion.

2.Check the air filter and ensure that the air filter is clean. Clogged or dirty air filter can disrupt airflow leading to sensor inaccuracies.

3.Check the reading of MAP/MAF sensor and throttle position sensor using a scan tools. Compare reading to vehicle manufacturer specification. If any sensor reading are out of range or show no activity the sensor need to be replaced.

4.Check for vacuum leaks in the intake manifold or vacuum line repair if any leaks are found.

5.After making any repair clean the trouble code using scan tools and reset check engine light.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford P0068 for proper repair.

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