How To Reset Service Indicator On Volvo S60

Volvo S60 Service Reset Maintenance Reset:In this tutorial I am going to tell about how maintenance reset proceduer on Volvo S60.When maintenance overdue warning light begin to display in cluster meter.You need to do general service maintenance and perform the service reset.If reset is not done vehicle system will not identify when next oil change is due.You can perform this reset manually by following steps given below.

How To Set Trip 2 On Volvo S60

To perform this reset first you need set the odometer to T2 means Trip 2.Follow the steps given below to set the odometer to T2

1.Ignition “ON” engine “OFF”.

2.Proceed to “INDICATOR LEVER” on left of steering wheel.

3.Slide the roller on back of “INDICATOR LEVER”.

4.When you see the “T2” on cluster meter screen “STOP” there.

5.Now take the “KEY” out from “KEY SLOT”.

Now proccede to reset maintenance light.

Maintenance Reset Volvo S60 Oil Light Reset

1.Insert “KEY” into “KEY SLOT”.

2.PRESS the “START” button “ONE” time.

3.Now PRESS the “OK” button on “INDICATOR LEVER” with one hand and “START” button with one hand.

4.Keep them “BOTH” held together for 15 to 20 seconds.

5.After 15 to 20 seconds you will hear a “CHIME” sound.

6.After you hear the “CHIME” sound release “BOTH” the button.

7.Service has reset start the car .

Reset procedure completed start engine to confirm.If service light still appear follow each step correcty and repeat the procedure.


Information in this post Volvo S60 service reset is for training purpose and to be used as guideline only.

Thank You.

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