How To Reset Oil Service Indicator Volkswagen Polo 2011

Volkswagen Polo Service Reset :In this post I am going to tell how to reset Volkswagen Polo service reminder light. When you switch on ignition spanner sign start to blink and INSP start to display in cluster meter. You need to change engine oil and perform service interval reset. If reset is not done system will not identify when next oil change is due.

VW Polo Service Reminder Reset 2011 model

1.Turn ignition OFF.

2.Press and hold the Set button on cluster meter.

3.Now turn the ignition ON.

4.After few second release the SET button.

5.Now press the button on the left of Set button.

Service interval has been reset. To check press the button on the left of Set button three times you will find service has been reset for 372 Days and 15000 KM.

Adjust Service Interval On Volkswagen Polo Oil Reset 2011 Model

Step 1

Switch OFF ignition.

Step 2

Press and hold SET button in cluster meter.

Step 3

After few seconds turn ignition switch ON.

Step 4

Now release the SET button.

Step 5

After releasing SET button press the button on left side of SET button.

Service reminder reset done.To confirm press the button on left of SET button three times. The service interval reset to 372 days and 15000 km.

How To Reset Next Service Interval On VW Polo

  1. Ignition OFF
  2. Go to cluster meter.
  3. Press the SET button.
  4. Turn ignition ON.
  5. Release SET button after few seconds.
  6. Press button on left of SET button.

Service interval reset completed. To verify press the button on left of SET button three times. You will find that service has been reset to 15000 km and 372 days.


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