Toyota Fault Code P0301 Toyota Altis DTC Code

Toyota Fault Code P0301:In this post I am going to tell about Toyota Altis Fault code P0301 diagnostic trouble code (DTC).What are possible cause for P0301 fault code,its symptoms and possible solution to delete this dtc codes.

P0301 Toyota DTC Code-Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected

Toyota DTC Code P0301 possible symptoms

1.Engine check light on.

2.Engine not stabel

3.Engine vibration

4.Lack of power to engine.

P0301 Toyota DTC code possible cause

1.Cylineder 1 spark plug fault

2.Cylinder 1 ignition coil fault

3.Fuel injector circuit of Cylinder 1 has poor or low electrical connection

4.Fuel injector Cylinder 1 harness is open

5.Ignition coil harness open or short of Cylinder 1

6.Ignition coil poor electric connection of Cylinder 1

How to fix P0301 Toyota DTC code

Main cause for P0301 dtc code are faulty spark plug or faulty ignition coil of cylinder no 1.First check spark plug and ignition coil and replace it.If problem still continues check fuel injector and coil for broken wires or faulty connector.After work is commpleted rescan the car and clear dtc memory.


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