Essential Maintenance Tips And Tricks Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Maintenance Tips :Some useful and knowledgeable tips and trick which will help you be a responsible car owner or driver.Read on the list of some easy hacks and helpful advice that can help you to have your Toyota Camry in top condition.

Toyota Camry Maintenance Tips And Tricks

How To Check Engine Oil Level

1.Park the vehicle on flat level to get acurate result.

2.After turning OFF the engine wait for 5 minutes for engine oil to settel at bottom.

3.Pull engine oil dipstick out.Wipe it clean and reinsert the dipstick fully.

4.Now pull dipstick out and check oil level.

Before Refueling The Vehicle

1.Close all Doors and door windows.

2.Turn engine OFF.

3.Open fuel tank cap.

4.Confirm the type of fuel before filling.

How To Change Electronic Key Battery Toyota Camry

To perform battery repalcement you need flathead screwdriver and lithium battery CR2030.

1.First remove the key cover.Next remove battery cover.

2.Remove the drain battery using flathead screwdriver.

3.Inset new battery with ” + ” facing up.

4.Reinstall the the key cover and battery cover.

5.Operate the battery to check door are locking and unlocking.

How To Change Smart Key Battery Toyota Camry

1.Slide the lock and remove mechanical key.

2.Remove the key cover.

3.Remove the depleted battery using flathead screwdriver.

4.Reinstall the mechanical key and key cover.

5.Operate the battery to check locking and unlocking.

What To Do If You Have Flat Tires On Toyota Camry

1.First,do not drive with a flat tire.

2.Stop the vehicle on a flat and hard surface.

3.Set the parking brake.

4.Shift the gear lever to P.

5.Stop the vehicle engine.

6.Turn on emergeny flasher before opening the tire.

Maintenance Tips And Tricks Toyota Camry

How To Jump Start Toyota Camry

To jump start the vehicle you need a set of jumper cable and a second vehicle with 12-volt battery or a 12-volt spare battery.

1.Carry the vehicle key or smart key with you.

2.Connect positve jumper cable clamp to the positive [ + ] battery terminal of your vehicle.

3.Now connect the other end of positive jumper cable clamp to positive [ + ] battery terminal of second vehicle or spare battery.

4.Connect negative jumper cable clamp to the negative [ – ] battery terminal of your second vehicle or spare battery.

5.Now connect the other end of negative jumper cable clamp to solid unpainted metallic point away from battery in your vehicle.

6.Start the engine of second vehicle and increse the speed slightly for 5 to 10 minutes to recharge the battery of your vehicle.

7.Maintain the engine speed of second vehicle and then start your vehicle.

8.Once the engine has started remove the jumper cable in reverse order from which they were connected.


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