How To Service Reset Tata Tigor 2018

Tata Tigor Service Reset:Quick and easy tutorial on how to oil maintenance Tata Tigor 2018 .When spanner light begin to iluminate in cluster meter you need to service the car ,change it engine oil,air filter element and do the service light reset proceduer.If reset is not done system will not detect when next oil change is due.

ScanplusX tool is use to complete this procedure

Tata Tigor Service Reset 2018

Step 1

Connect the scanner “VCI” to “OBD” port in the car.

Step 2

Open the ScanplusX app and select “LOCAL DIAGNOSIS”

Step 3

Select “ASIA” and then select “TATA” and PRESS “OK”.

Step 4


Step 5


Step 6

In passanger vehicles PRESS “TIGOR”

Step 7

Click “PETROL” (You can select Petrol,Diesel or EV depending on your car)

Step 8

Select ” XZ-1.2ltr NG” (Engine Varient) Select engine varient of the car your are performing the reset .

Step 9


Step 10

Click “IP(Instrument Panel Cluster System)”

Step 11


Step 12


Step 13


It will show test performing condition

1.Power Mode Active means ignition on

2.ECU in Extended Diagnostic Session means VCI is connected

3.Battery Voltage 9V means battery volt above 9V

4.Engine Speed 0 means engine is not running

5.Vehicle Speed 0 means car is idel not moving.

All condition met Click “Ok” and move to next step

Step 14

It will ask for service confirmation Click “OK”

Step 15

Click “SERVICE REMINDER RESET” and Click the “START” button

Step 16

Routine Test and Routine Completed massage will display click “OK.


Content in this post is for general information.Information in this post Tata Tigor service reset is for training purpose and to be use as guideline only.

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