C1142 Renault OBD-II Trouble Code

C1142 Renault

C1142 Renault – Brake Fluid Pressure Sensor Circuit Fault code C1142 Renault brake fluid pressure sensor circuit.This sensor converts the pressure of brake fluid to an electric signal and pass on it to ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) actuator and electric control unit (ECU).ECU unit and ABS actuator monitors the brake fluid pressure sensor.When brake fluid … Read more

C1143 Renault OBD-II Trouble Code

C1143 Renault

C1143 Renault – Steering Angle Sensor Circuit Fault code C1143 Renault Steering Angle Sensor circuit.This sensor is located at the back of steering wheel.The steering angle sensor detect direction of the steering wheel ,angular velocity and rotation of steering wheel and transmit data to ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) actuator and electric control unit via CAN … Read more

Renault C1115 C1610 OBD Error Code


Renault C1115 C1610 OBD Code possible causes symphtoms of these error code and possible solution on how to fix these engine trouble code. Renault C1115 C1610 OBD Fault Code C1115 OBD Fault Code Defination Wheel Sensor – Difference in wheel speed between any wheel and other wheel detected when vehicle is driven. C1115 OBD Code … Read more