How To Perform Steering Angle Calibration Skoda Superb

Steering Angle Calibration Skoda:In this tutorial I am going to tell how to reset Skoda Superb steering angle sensor manually.Whenever we open battery or steering related parts in Skoda Superb steering malfuntion light and traction control light begin to iluminate.Usually if you try to clear this two light with OBD tools it won’t work. In OBD tools fault codes 03803 steering angel sensor for power-assisted steering comes and after clearing it several times the code still stays active there.So by following step by step guide given below it can be reset manually.

Skoda Superb Steering Angle Calibration Sensor Reset

1.Start the car engine running.

2.Keep steering wheel in center.

3.Now rotate the steering wheel half round to the left side.

4.Wait for 2 seconds

5.Now rotate it full to left side.

6.Wait for 5 seconds.

7.Next in one go rotate it fully to the right side 360 degree.

8.Now turn the wheel to center straight position.

9.You will find both steering malfunction and traction light has been cleared.

Now if check it in OBD tools you will find that fault code has been deleted.

Steering Angle Calibration Skoda Superb Steering Angel Reset

Step 1

Ignition ON engine running.

Step 2

Keep steering wheel in center position.

Step 3

Rotate the steering half round left side.

Step 4

Wait for few seconds.

Step 5

Rotate it fully to left side.

Step 6

Wait for few seconds.

Step 7

Now in one stroke rotate it full to right side.Full 360 degree.

Step 8

Turn the steering wheel to normal straight position.

Step 9

You will find steering malfunction and traction light deleted.

Step 10

Scan it with ODB tools to confirm.

Steering Angle Calibration Skoda Superb Quick Guide

  1. Switch ignition on engine running.
  2. Steering wheel normal straight postion.
  3. Turn steering wheel to left half round.
  4. Wait for 2 seconds.
  5. Turn steering wheel fully to left.
  6. Wait for 5 seconds.
  7. Rotate steering wheel 360 degree to right in one go.
  8. Turn steering wheel straight normal position.
  9. Check cluster meter steering and traction malfunction light deleted
  10. Swith Off engine.


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