How To Do Steering Calibration On Skoda Superb Without Tools

Skoda Superb Steering Calibration -Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset Skoda Superb steering angle .When there is fault in steering angel steering light and traction light begin to iluminate and steering wheel become hard.This is common when you open car battery or steering component.You can reset it manually by following this step to step procedure.

Steering Calibration On Skoda Superb Without Tools

You cannot perform this reset in scanner you have to do it manually

1.Start “ENGINE” and keep “STEERING WHEEL” in “CENTER” position.

2.Hold “STEERING WHEEL” and rotate “HALF ROUND” on “LEFT” side.

3.Wait for “TWO SECONDS” .

4.Now rotate it full on “LEFT SIDE” and wait for “TWO SECONDS”.

5.Next in “ONE” go rotate it fully to “RIGHT SIDE” “360 DEGREE”.

6.After rotateing “360 DEGREE” bring “STEERING WHEEL” back to “CENTER” position.

Now you will see that steering wheel light and traction light both are gone.


Content in this post Skoda superb steering calibration is for training purpose and to be used as guideline only.Find this post useful like it and help others by sharing it.If you have any query or suggestion pls write it in the comment section.

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