How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS On Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia TPMS reset:In this post I am going to tell about TPMS reset proceduer on New Skoda Octavia.By following the this tutorial you can easly reset the tyre pressure monitoring system light.When ever TPMS light iluminate on your car cluste meter fill all four tyres properly and perform the TPMS reset to delete the warning light.

You can find the correct tyre pressure on the chat which is listed on a sticker on your car fuel tank flap.TPMS reset on Octavia can be done manually.Below is the step by step proceduer to perform the reset.

Skoda Octavia Type Pressure Warning Light Reset

Step 1

Swith on the “RADIO” by PRESSING power button

Step 2

PRESS the “CAR” button on the right side of the screen

Step 3

You will seen “VEHICLE STATUS” on the screen

Step 4

Click right arrow button on the “VEHICLE STSTUS” screen

Step 5

On the screen message will appear “When all 4 tyre pressure has been checked and set correctly” PRESS the “SET” button.

Step 6

On the screen message will appear “Do all 4 tyres pressure match the required value” then PRESS “CONFIRM”.

TPMS reset procedure is completed and warning light has gone from the cluster meter.

Skoda Octavia TPMS Reset Step By Step Guide

If its not working in your car then you can try another method

1.PRESS “CAR” on the display screen

2.Next click on the “SETTING” button

3.Now click on “TYRES”.

4.PRESS “SET” and click “CONFIRM”.


Before performing Skoda Octavia TPMS reset it is necessary to fill recommended air in the tyre.If you find this post useful like and share it.For any question or suggestion pls write in comment section.

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