Skoda Kushaq Hidden Features Tips & Tricks 2022

Skoda Kushaq Hidden Features Tips And Tricks:Skoda Kushaq is an compact SUV known for it stylish looks and durablity.Read on this list for some useful tips and tricks which will help you know your car better.

How To Set Clock On Skoda Kushaq

1.Press multifunction button in the instrument cluster “TWICE”.

2.Now press the “0.0/SET” button in the instrument cluster.The hours settings is shown in the display screen.

3.Press “0.0/SET” button repeatedly to set the hours.

4.Now again press multifunction button and change to minute settings.

5.Next press “0.0/SET” button to set the minutes.

(Multifunction button is located on left of 0.0/SET button)

How To Connect Or Pair Bluetooth On Skoda Kushaq

1.Press power button “ON”.

2.Press “SETTINGS” on infotainment system screen.

3.Next press “Quick Settings” on infotainment system screen.

4.Now press “Connect” .

5.Next press “Device” and press on “Add Device”.

6.Select “Desire device” from the list.

7.Select “Bluetooth profile”.

8.Confirm “PIN” and press confirm.

How To Connect Infotainment System To Mobile Hot-spot

1.Press vehicle power button “ON”.

2.Turn On the “Wi-Fi” on mobile device.

3.Press “Settings” icon on infotainment screen.

4.Next press “System”.

5.Now press “Wi-Fi”.

6.Next press “Find Hotspot”.

7.Select infotainment hotspot and enter hotspot password.

8.Confirm the connection.

Skoda Kushaq Hidden Features:Valet Mode ON/OFF

To activate valet mode first creat security pin by following procedure given below.

1.Press “SETTINGS” icon on infotainment system screen.

2.Next press “Quick Settings”.

3.Select “Profile” and click on Edit Security Pin.

4.Now create security Pin.

Valet mode Lock Procedure

1.Press “SETTINGS” icon on infotainment screen.

2.Next press “Quick Settings”.

3.Press “Valet Mode”.

4.Enter Security Pin to Confirm.

Valet mode Unlock Procedure

1.To unlock tap the screen and enter security Pin.

How To Reset The Odometer In Skoda Kushaq

Press and hold “0.0/SET” button on instrument cluster to reset odometer.


Please check with owner manual for correct specification .Information in this post Skoda Kushaq Hidden Features Tips & Tricks to be used as guideline only.

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