How To Service Reset Mercedes E350 W212 2010

Service Reset Mercedes E350:Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset a service on Mercedes E350 2010 model.If reset is not done system will be unable to track when next oil change is due.Follow the step by step instructions given below after every oil change.

How To Reset Oil Service Light 2010 Mercedes E350

Before performing this reset make sure windows hood and trunk closed and all doors are closed when performing reset.Cluster screen should be in “TRIP” display.

1.Turn the ignition to “Position 1”.

2.Ignition “ON” engine “OFF”.

3.PRESS “DOWN” arrow button repeatedly to bring “Kilometer/Mileage”.

4.PRESS “LEFT” arrow button repeatedly till “TRIP” is display in cluster meter screen

3.Now PRESS accept “PHONE CALL BUTTON” and “OK” button for five seconds.

4. “VEHICLE DATA” will open in cluster meter screen.

5.Scroll down to “ASSYST PLUS” useing up down arrow button on left of steering wheel.

6.Now PRESS “OK” button.

7. “SERVICE DATA” display in cluster meter screen.

8.Scroll to “FULL SERVICE” and press the “OK” button.

9. “SERVICE 1” will open in cluster meter screen.

10.Scroll to “Conf.Full Serv” and PRESS “OK” button.

11. “Service Carried Out ?” display in cluster meter screen.

12.Scroll down to “YES” and PRESS “OK” button.

13.Cannot be undone display in cluster meter screen.

14.Scroll down select “CONFIRM” and PRESS “OK”.

15. Now “Full Service Carried Out” display in cluster meter screen.

Exit setup by pressing back button start the car you will find the maintenance warning has reseted.

2010 Mercedes E350 Oil Reset Quick Guide

  1. Ignition On “Position 1” engine OFF.
  2. Set cluster on “TRIP”
  3. PRESS “Phone” and “OK” for five seconds.
  4. “Vehicle Data” opens in screen
  5. Select “ASSYST PLUS” and PRESS “OK”
  6. “Service Data” opens in screen
  7. Select “Full Service” and PRESS “OK”
  8. “Service I” opens in screen
  9. Select “Conf.Full Serv” and PRESS “OK”
  10. “Serviced Carried Out” display in screen.
  11. Select “Yes” and PRESS “OK”.
  12. “Cannot be undone display” in screen.
  13. Select “Confirm” and PRESS “OK”
  14. “Full Service Carried Out” display in screen

2010 Mercedes E350 Engine Oil Visosity And Capacity

Approximately 8.5 quarts ( 8.1 liters) of 5W-40 oil grade when engine oil and oil filter changed.


Due to wide range of vehicle make and model content in this post should not be taken specific to any vehicle.Please check with owner manual Mercedes E350 for correct specification for your vehicle.This informatio is meant for training purpose and to be used as a guideline only.

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