How To Reset Oil Service Indicator On Audi Q3

Service Reset Audi Q3:Quick and easy tutorial on how to manually perform Service Reset on Audi Q3.When service light appears in the cluster meter you need to do the regular maintenance.After changing engine oil it is necessary to do the reset so system can identify when next oil change is due.

Location Of OBD port in Audi Q3:OBD port in Audi Q3 is located below the steering wheel on right side.

How To Service Reset Audi Q3

Follow the procedure given below to oil reset after every oil change.

1.Switch ignition “ON”.

2.On LCD dashboard display screen you can see car,telephone,information etc.

3.In the middle of dashbard PRESS “CAR” button .

4.After pressing the “CAR” button scroll down useing knob to “SERVICE” .

5.PRESS the “KNOB”.

6.Scroll down to “SERVICE INTERVAL”.

7.PRESS “KNOB” for Ok.

8.One more time Scroll down to “RESET OIL CHANGE INTERVAL”.

9.PRESS “KNOB” for Ok.

10.Scroll to “YES” and PRESS the “KNOB”.

11.You will get massage on your car LCD screen “THE OIL CHANGE INTERVAL HAS RESET”.

12.Turn “OFF” ignition and “PULL” the key out.

13.Inset “KEY” and switch ignition “ON”.

Now you can check that service has reset to 15000 KM/365 days.

Audi Q3 Engine Oil Visosity And Capacity

2.0 Engine-Approximately 4.6 quarts (4.9 liters) of 5W-30 grade oil when engine oil and oil filter changed.

1.4 TFSI- Approximately 4.0 quarts(3.8 liters) of 5W-30 grade oil when engine oil and oil filter changed.


Due to wide range of vehicle make and model content in this post should not be taken specific to any vehicle.Please check with owner manual of Q3 for correct specification for your vehicle.Information in this post service reset Audi Q3 is for training purpose and to use as guideline only.

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