Renault Duster DTC Code DF361 DF026 DF569

DTC (Diagnostic Troble Code) are most simple way the vehicle computer system lets you know that there are problem in the vehicle.Here is the list of Common Renault Duster DTC Code its causes symptoms of these code how to diagnos and fix these codes.

Renault Duster DTC Code DF361 DF362

DF361 DF362 Renault Possible Symptoms

  1. Check light will iluminates in cluster meter.
  2. Loss of current supply
  3. Engine not still.

DF361 DF362 Renault Possible Causes

  1. Spark plug short.
  2. Spark plug coil unit short.
  3. Damaged or broken connector.

How to fix Renault DTC Code DF361 DF362

Check possible cause given above.Inspect spark plugs and spark plug coil visually.Also check for broken or damaged connector and connector pins.After finding the damage parts replace it rescan the car and clear the fault memory.

Renault Duster DTC Code DF026

DF026 Renault Possible Symptoms

  1. Glow plug light and check engine light iluminate in cluster meter.
  2. Engine will not stand still.
  3. Loss of current supply.

DF026 Renault Possible Causes

  1. Cylinder 1 injector open circuit.
  2. Fault in wiring of Cylinder 1 injector connector.

How To Fix Renault DTC Code DF026

Check possible causes given above.Inspect Cylinder 1 injector connector for broken and damage wiries .After problem is found work on it rescan the car and and clear fault memory after work is completed.

Renault Duster DTC Code DF569

DF569 Renault Possible Symptoms

  1. Engine check light will iluminate.
  2. Boost pressure goes down on full acceleration in diagnosis.

DF569 Renault Possible Causes

  1. Boost Pressure Circuit .
  2. Low Boost Pressure.
  3. Turbo charger pressure is too low.
  4. Leak in Turbo vaccum system.

How To Fix Renault DTC Code DF569

Check all vaccum hoses of turbo for leak and crack.Check waste gate actuator diaphragm.Rescan and clear fault memory after completion of work.

Renault Duster OBD Port Location: OBD port of Renault Duster is located inside dashboard globe box.

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