Renault C1115 C1610 OBD Error Code

Renault C1115 C1610 OBD Code possible causes symphtoms of these error code and possible solution on how to fix these engine trouble code.

Renault C1115 C1610 OBD Fault Code

C1115 OBD Fault Code Defination

Wheel Sensor – Difference in wheel speed between any wheel and other wheel detected when vehicle is driven.

C1115 OBD Code Possible Causes

1.Wheel sensor harness or connector open or shorted.

2.Faulty wheel sensor.

3.Faulty sensor rotar.

4.Fault in ABS actuator and electric control unit power supply system.


ABS warning light ON due to wheel sensor abnormal input.

How To Fix

Check possible causes given above.Inspect wheel sensor harness or connector for broken or damage connector.Check wheel sensor and sensor rotar repair or replace faulty parts.

Renault C1610 OBD Fault Code

C1610 OBD Fault Code Defination

Engine Status Signal -Malfunction is detected in engine status signal.ECM insput signal error is detected.

C1610 OBD Code Possible Causes

1.EPS control unit connector or harness fault.

2.Faulty EPS control unit.

3.Faulty ECM.

4.Engine status signal error.

5.CAN communication line error.


Engine check light ON

How To Fix

Check for possible causes given above. Inspect EPS control unit and ECM harness and connector. Check EPS control unit pin for damage or loose connection .If any item are found damage repair or replace it.

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