How To Service Reset Range Rover Evoque 2014

Evoque Service Reset:In this post I am going to tell how to reset service warning light on Range Rover Evoque.When Service required warning light begin to display in cluster meter you need to change the engine oil and perform reset.If reset is not done system will not detect when next oil change is due.You can perform the reset manually by following the steps given bellow.

Service Reset Range Rover Evoques Oil Light Reset 2014 Model

1.Turn the ignition switch ON and engine OFF.

2.Open the bonnet or hood.

3.Open the driver door.

4.Now press the brake paddle and accelerator paddle together for sixty seconds.

5.After sixty turn the ignition switch OFF.

6.Now close the bonnet and driver door.

7.Switch ON ignition and start the car.

You will see service required light has been deleted and service reset proccess is completed.

How To Reset:Range Rover Evoque Maintenance Interval Reset

Step 1

Switch ignition ON and engine OFF.

Step 2

Pull open the hood.

Step 3

Open the driver side door.

Step 4

Press the brake and accelerator paddel together.

Step 5

Keep it pressed for 60 seconds.

Step 6

After 60 seconds turn OFF the ignition switch.

Step 7

Close the driver door and hood.

Step 8

Switch the car On and start the engine.

You will find that service reminder light has disapper.

Range Rover Evoque Service Reset Oil Service Required Reset

  1. 1.Ignition ON
  2. Bonnet open.
  3. Driver door open.
  4. Brake and accelerator pressed together for 60 second.
  5. After 60 second ignition ON.
  6. Release brake and accelerator paddle.
  7. Close hood and driver door.
  8. Reset procces completed Start the car.


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