20 Tips On How To Protect You Car From Extreme Heat

How To Protect You Car From Extreme Heat: Extreme heat can adversely affect a car by causing overheating, straining the battery, increasing tire pressure, promoting fluid evaporation, putting stress on the and causing interior damage. Regular maintenance and protective measure are essential to mitigate these effect in hot weather. To protect your car from extreme summer heat consider these tips.

Tips To Protect You Car From Extreme Heat

1.Use A Sunshade Or Windshield Cover

Place a reflective sunshade or cover on your windshield to block out direct sunlight and reduce interior temperature.

2.Park In The Shade

Whenever possible, park your car in a shaded area, such as under a tree, a parking garage or in the shadow of a building.

3.Tinted Windows

Tinted windows can help reduce heat and block harmful UV rays. Check local laws for tinting regulation.

4.Use Window Visors

Install window visors or deflectors to allow fresh air in while keeping the windows slightly open, reducing the build-up of heat.


Roll down the windows slightly to allow hot air to escape and promote airflow when parked.

6.Use A Car Cover

Consider using a breathable car cover to protect your vehicle from direct sunlight and dust. Make sure it’s designed for hot weather use.

7.Maintain Your AC System

Ensure your car’s air conditioning system is in good working condition by regularly checking and servicing it.

8.Use Seat Covers And Steering Wheel Cover

Seat cover and steering wheel cover help prevent the seats and steering wheel from getting too hot to touch.

9.Regular Maintenance

Make sure your car’s cooling system like radiator and coolant level is in top condition to prevent overheating. Ensure that your car’s coolant levels are appropriate and that the cooling system is functioning correctly to prevent engine overheating.

10.Keep The Interior Clean

Remove any clutter or items that can absorb heat and contribute to a hotter interior.

11.Use A Dashboard Cover

A dashboard cover can protect the dashboard and reduce heat build-up on the instrument panel.

12.Consider Ceramic Windows Tint

Ceramic window tint can block more heat and UV rays compared to traditional tint films.

13.Avoid Black Or Dark-Colored Interior

Dark interiors can absorb more heat. Go for lighter interior colors if possible.

14.Drive During Cooler Times

Plan your trips during the cooler parts of the day to minimize exposure to intense heat.

15.Use Reflective Heat Shields

Place reflective heat shields on side windows to reduce the amount of heat that enter the car.

16.Regularly Replace Air Filter

A clean air filter can improve your car’s air conditioning system efficiency, helping it cool the interior faster.

17.Insulate The Roof

Consider adding insulation to the roof of your car, especially if it’s an older model without modern insulation material.

18.Drive Smoothly

Aggressive driving can put more strain on your engine and cause it to generate extra heat. Drive calmly to reduce heat build-up.

19.Invest In Seat Cushions

Use seat cushions with heat-resistant material to make your seats more comfortable during hot weather.

20.Keep An Emergency Kit

Have a summer specific emergency kit in your car, including water, sunscreen and a first aid kit in case of unexpected delays or breakdowns in hot weather.


Extreme heat can be harmful to both your car and your health. Always stay hydrated and avoid leaving pets or children in a hot car even for a short time.

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