P1422 Toyota OBD-II Trouble Code

P1422 Toyota – Fuel Tank Small Leak

Fault Code P1422 Toyota fuel tank small leak.This diagnosis detect leaks in EVAP(Evaporative Emission Control System) line using vaccum in engine intake manifold.If pressure does not surge ECM (Engine Control Module) will check for leaks in the line between EVAP volume control solenoid valve and the fuel tank following vaccum test condition.

The vacuum cut bypass valve is opened to direct the line between the EVAP volume control solenoid valve and fuel tank.The evaporative emission control valve canister vent control valve will then shut the EVAP line off.The EVAP volume control solenoid valve is opened to release the pressure of the gas inside the EVAP line using vacuum of intake manifold.After releasing the pressure of gas inside EVAP volume control valve will close.

Cause Of P1422 Fuel Tank Small Leak

1.Evaporative emission control system solenoid faulty.

2.Loose fuel cap fitting.

3.Improper fuel cap used.

4.Leak in fuel tank or EVAP canister.

5.Fuel cap fails to close or remain open.

6.Foreign matter or dirt entangled in fuel filler cap.

7.Inspect fuel tank filler neck.

P1422 Toyota Fault Code Symptoms

1.Engine check light ON.

2.Detectable fuel smell caused by release of fuel vapors.

How To Fix P1422 Toyota

Check for possible causes given above. Inspect that fuel filler cap is properly closed. Visually inspect for leak in fuel tank and fuel filler cap.

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