P0901 Ford OBD-II Trouble Code

P0901 Ford – Clutch Actuator Circuit Range/Performence

Fault code P0901 Ford Clutch actuator circuit range/performence.The function of clutch actuator is to run by TCM (Transmission Control Module) and engages and dis-engages the clutch by clutch master cylinder movement of clutch actuator.

Based on vehicle specification and configration several component and sensor are required to complete this task.Transmission control module monitor the electric current and terminal voltage output of clutch motor and detects malfunctions in motor circuit of clutch.

Causes Of P0901 Clutch Actuator Circuit Range/Performence

1.Faulty or defective clutch actuator.

2.Faulty or defective solenoid or sensor.

3.Damage or faulty wiring or connector.

4.Defective or loose control ground module.

5.Fuse or fusible link faulty.

6.Clutch master cylinder faulty.

7.Faulty engine control module (ECM)

8.Faulty transmission control module (TCM)

9.Defective power control module (PCM)

10.ECM programming issue.

P0901 Ford Fault Code Symptoms

1.Engine check light or MIL illuminates.

2.Transmission warning light illuminates.

3.Transmission stuck in single gear.

4.Harsh shifting of gears.

5.Clutch fail to engage or dis-engage gears.

How To Fix P0901 Ford

Check for possible cause given above. Check and if required replace wiring harness of clutch actuator. Check ground for loose or disconnected connection. Check and if required replace clutch master cylinder. Check and if required replace solenoid and sensor. Inspect wiring harness and connector. Inspect ECM ,PCM and TCM reprogramming or if required replace.

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