P0138 Honda OBD-II Trouble Code

P0138 Honda – O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2

Fault code P0138 Honda O2 sensor circuit hight voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2.It indicates that ECM (Engine Control Module) has detected excessive high voltage from bank one sensor for a given period of time.If voltage is high there is excess of fuel and lack of oxygen in the mixture.The ECM (Engine Control Module) detect the high voltage problem and turn the malfunction light or engine check light ON.

Cause Of P0138 Oxygen Sensor High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

1.Defective or faulty rear oxygen sensor.

2.Excessive fuel delivery issue.

3.Damage or faulty wiring harness issue of rear oxygen sensor.

4.Poor electric connection on circuit of rear oxygen sensor.

5.Improper fuel pressure for fuel injector.

P0138 Honda Fault Code Symptoms

1.Engine check light or malfunction indicator comes on.

2.Engine running problem or misfire may occure.

3.Excessive or increase in fuel consumption.

4.Rough idling or up and down of RPM.

5.Insufficiency in acceleration.

How To Fix P0138 Honda

Check for possible causes given above. This oxygen sensor is located right after catalyst converter. Visually check oxygen sensor electrical connections, its wiring harness and sensor metal tabs for damages. If damages are found replace the oxygen sensor. Check of leaks in exhaust system before the sensor. Check for choke in catalyst that can cause inconsistent sensor reading.

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