How To Reset Oil Service Indicator On Mercedes GLA200

Mercedes GLA200 Service Reset -Quick and easy tutorial on how to service reset Mercedes GLA 200.Service reset must be done after every oil change so system can identify when next oil change is due.Before performing this reset make sure all doors,bonnet ,trunk and bonnet must be closed.

Service Light Reset Mercedes GLA 200 Oil Light Reset

1.Insert key and switch ignition “ON” to “POSITION 1”.

2.Make sure cluster meter is displaying “MILEAGE SCREEN”.

3.PRESS “PHONE” button and “OK” button on steering wheel for five seconds.

4.After five second you will see Vehicle data,Roller test,Pad replacement,ASSYST PLUS on cluster meter screen.

5.Scrool down using arrow button on left side steering wheel to “ASSYST PLUS” and PRESS OK.

6.You will see Service data,Full service on cluster meter screen scroll down to “FULL SERVICE” and PRESS “OK”.

7.Now you will see Service 1,Service 2,Service 3…………. Conf.full serv on cluster meter screen.

8.Scroll down to “Conf.full serv” and now PRESS “OK”.

9.You will see Oil grade 229.31 Service carried out ? on cluster meter screen scroll down to “YES” and PRESS “OK”.

10. “Cannot be undone” display in cluster meter screen

11.Scroll down to “CONFIRM” and PRESS “OK”.

12.Full service completed will display on cluster meter screen .

Service reset proceduer on Mercedes GLA200 has been done succesfully.


Due to wide range of vehicle make and model content in this post should not be taken specific to any vehicle. Please check with owner manual for correct specification. Information in this post is for training purpose and to used as guideline only.

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