How To Reset Kia Carnival Oil Service Interval 2022

Kia Carnival Service Reset:Quick and easy tutorial on how to maintenance interval reset on Kia Carnival 2022.Maintenance warning reset to be performed after every oil change.If not done system will not detect when next oil change is due.Below is step by step proceduer for Kia Carnival 2022 model.When oil change required warning begin to display in cluster meter screen follow the proceduer after changing engine oil.

Service Interval Reset Kia Carnival Maintenance Light Reset 2022

1.Press push start button without pressing brake paddle.

2.Ignition ON engine OFF.

3.Go to Infotainment screen on dash board.

4.Slide it over.You see all option.

5.Click on Setup.

6.On Setup screen click Vehicle.

7.Vehicle Setting screen will open click on Cluster.

8.Now click on Service Interval.

9.Cluster screen will open click Reset.

10.Do you want to reset ?tab will open

11.Click on Yes.

12.Reset to Factory Defaults tab will open.

Service interval proceduer completed.Start engine you will find that Service required warning has reset.

How To Reset Kia Carnival Oil Service Interval Light

Step 1

Press Push Start button.

Step 2

Ignition ON engine OFF.

Step 3

Move to infotainment screen.

Step 4

Slide the screen all option open.

Step 5

Press Setup .

Step 6

Setup screen open press on Vehicle.

Step 7

Vehicle Setting screen open press on Cluster.

Step 8

Press on Service Interval.

Step 9

Cluster screen open press on Reset.

Step 10

Do you want to reset ?open press Yes

Step 11

Reset to Factory Defaults appears in infotainment screen.

Step 12

Start engine service interval reset proceduer completed.

Kia Carnival Service Reset 2022 Oil Reset

  1. Ignition ON engine OFF
  2. Go to infotainment screen
  3. Slide infotainment screen option open
  4. Click on Setup.
  5. Click Vehicle.
  6. Vehicle Setting screen click Cluster.
  7. Click Service Interval.
  8. Cluster screen click Reset.
  9. Do you want to reset ?
  10. Click on Yes.
  11. Reset to Factory Defaults screen appear.
  12. Service reset completed.

Make sure to follow each step exactly as given above.


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