How To Reset Toyota Innova T-Belt Light

Innova T-Belt Light Reset:In this tutorial I am going tell how to reset Toyota Innova timing belt light.When T-Belt warning light begin to iluminate in cluster meter you need to change the timing belt and perform the T-belt light reset to delete the warning light.Follow the steps give below to perform this proceduer manually.Before performing reset make sure to change the timing belt.

Innova Timing belt warning light reset

1.Select the “KM” into “ODO” setting by PRESSING “PUSH KNOB” button in cluster meter.

2.Now press and hold “PUSH KNOB” for approx 30 seconds.

3.Next turn ignition “OFF” and pull the key out for 20 seconds.

4.After 20 seconds insert the key and again wait for 20 seconds.

5.Now release the “PUSH KNOB” and press it again.

6.15 will appear in KM reading screen.

7.Again press the PUSH KNOB to set KM (1 is equal to 10000KM so if you want to set 1 lac KM press the push knob untill 10 appear in KM reading screen)

8.PRESS it “TEN” times upto 10 (10 means 100000 KM)

9.Again PRESS the “PUSH KNOB” button for “FIVE” seconds.

10. “T-BELT” light will disappear from cluster meter.

11.Release the “PUSH KNOB” button “T-BELT” reset procedure is completed.


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