How To Prevent Your Car From Overheating

How To Prevent Your Car From Overheating: In summer temperature rises which can be hard on cars. There is risk of overheating of cars with normal use. Here is a list of best way to prevent car from overheating.

Best Way To Prevent Car From Overheating

1.Check You Car Coolant Level

Engine coolant is the fluid running through your car engine to regulate the operating temperature and prevent it from overheating. If coolant level is below the minimum mark on coolant reservoir tank, then there is a significant risk of overheating of your car engine.

A low coolant level also indicates that there is coolant leak and have your car inspected by a professional technician .Also check rest of your car fluid as they are vitally important as well.

2.Monitor Car Temperature Gauge Or Indicator Lights

You car likely has a gauge or indicator lights to warn you of any problem with your vehicle. These gauges or warning light should not be ignored, as they can offer very valuable information into the state of your vehicle.

You can use the temperature gauge to see if the engine is even starting to run hot, which can be indication of problem.

3.Have Regular Coolant Flush

Coolant flushes are considered routine maintenance for most of the car. So its important to make sure that these service are performed completely and in a timely manner. It is recommended to change your car coolant regularly.

4.Turn Off AC At Very Hot Condition

Using your car AC when it’s extremely hot outside can cause your car to overheat. When AC is running, it places a lot of extra strain on the vehicle engine causing it to work harder, and in turn hotter.

As engine heats up, so does the coolant. If it’s temperature is very hot outside the coolant can’t dissipate that heat as effectively which result in vehicle overheating.

5.Use Heater On To Help Cool The Engine

If your vehicle engine does start to overheat. Turning your heater on max temperature and max speed can help cool car down fast. The heated core is heated by engine coolant so turning the heat and blower to max has the same effect as air flowing across the radiator but in smaller scale.

6.Thoroughly Inspection Of Your Vehicle

It’s recommended to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected at the beginning of summer season. Have a qualified technician to look over the entire car. Checking the hoses,belt suspension, cooling system and its components and engine components for damage or any other potential problem.

This will help to identify any problem and repair them before they become major problem that leave you and your vehicle stranded somewhere. Following a proper schedule maintenance year round and performing repairs as necessary are the best way to keep your car in good shape.


These general tips will help prevent your car from overheating. It is important to refer to the owner manual for specific instruction recommended for your car.

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