How To Reset Honda Steering Angle Sensor SAS Calibration

Honda Steering Angle Reset:In this tutorial I am going to tell how to reset Honda steering angle sensor or torque sensor.Whenever you change torque sensor you need to reset.If reset is not done steering warning light will iluminate in cluster meter and you car steering become hard.Follow the step given below to complete the action.To perform the EPS calibration you need a scanning tool.I am using Scanplus X tool to complete the resetting proceduer.

OBD Port Location Honda :On left below steering wheel.

Honda Steering Angle Reset SAS Learn By Launch Scanplus X

Honda electronic power steering torque sensor learning step by step procedure.

1.Connect VCI to OBD port.

2.Open Scanplus application.

3.Click on Local Diagnosis.

4.Select Honda and press OK.

5.Click on 16PIN DLC.

6.VEH.Info. tab will open with VIN number click OK.

7.Click on Health Report.

8.Notes tab with The checking will take some… massage open click OK.

9.Notes tab with The Engine Is Not Running…massage open click OK.

10.Health Report will open .

11.Scroll down to EPS(Electric Power Steering) and click Enter.

12.EPS System Info. tab open click OK.

13.Now click on Special Function.

14.Intelligent Light tab open click OK.

15.Now click on Torque Sensor Learn.

16.Torque Sensor Leaern tab open click OK.

17.Torque Sensor Learn tab with proceduer open follow the instruction.

  • Lift up the front wheel of the vehicle
  • Place front wheel on straight position
  • Turn steering wheel by 10 degree to left and right.
  • Turn the steering wheel to straight.

18.After completing the proceduer given above click OK.

19.Notes tab open follow instruction Turn Ignition Off.

20.Next Turn The Ignition Switch To On.

EPS torque sensor learning procedure completed.To confirm follow the step given below.

Honda Steering Angle Sensor Reset How To Confirm After Reset

  1. Open Scanplus app.
  2. Click on Local Diagnosis.
  3. Select Honda.
  4. Select 16PIN DLC
  5. Click on System Selection.
  6. Click on EPS(Electric Power Steering)
  7. Select Read Data Stream.
  8. Click on Manual Select.
  9. Click on Torque and press OK.
  10. Data Stream Torque Value should be 0.00


Content in this post Honda steering angle reset is for training and educational purpose only.Write in comment section if this proceduer work correctly for you.

Thank You.

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