Honda P0193-Fuel Pressure Sensor Circuit High Voltage

Honda P0193 Fuel Pressure Sensor Circuit High Voltage

Code P0193 Honda is DTC code indicates that the voltage signal from the fuel pressure sensor is outside of the expected range as set by the manufacturer.

Possible Causes Code P0193 Honda

1.Fuel pressure sensor may be faulty sending incorrect voltage signal to the ECM due to damage sensor or sensor has wear overtime.

2.Problem with the wiring that connects fuel pressure sensor to engine control module.

3.Issue with fuel system such as clogged fuel filter, faulty fuel pump or faulty fuel injector can cause fuel pressure to be outside the expected range.

4.Engine control module may be faulty and unable to process signal from fuel pressure sensor correctly.

5.Fault in electrical system of the vehicle such as weak battery or faulty alternator affecting the voltage signal sent by fuel pressure sensor.

6.Faulty fuel pressure regulator causing fuel pressure to be too high or too low.

7.Vacuum leak in the engine can also cause fuel pressure to be outside of the expected range.

Honda P0193 Possible Symptoms

1.The most common symptoms of P0193 is illumination of check engine light on the dashboard.

2.When fuel pressure is not within the expected range it can cause the engine to run poor this include hesitation, engine misfire and poor acceleration.

3.Problem with the fuel pressure sensor circuit can cause the engine to use more fuel than usual resulting in the decreased fuel economy.

4.Engine may stall or shut off completely due to incorrect fuel pressure reading.

5.Engine may run roughly or have irregular idle due to incorrect fuel pressure reading.

How To Fix P0193 Honda

1.If fuel pressure sensor is found faulty it need to be replaced.

2.If there is a problem with the wiring it need to be replaced, this may involve binding in new wire or replacing the complete wiring harness.

3.Fuel system component such as clogged fuel filter or faulty fuel pump need to be repaired or replaced.

4.Inspect fuel pressure regulator to ensure it is working correctly.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Honda P0193 for proper repair.

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