Honda P0191-Fuel Pressure Sensor Range/Performance Problem

Honda P0191 Fuel Pressure Sensor Range/Performance Problem

Code P0191 Honda is DTC code indicates fuel rail pressure sensor circuit range/performance issue. The fuel rail pressure sensor is responsible for monitoring the fuel pressure within the fuel rail of the engine. Fuel rail pressure sensor send this information to the ECM to ensure proper fuel delivery and engine performance. When the engine control module detect that the signal from fuel rail pressure sensor is outside the expected range or sensor performance is not within specification it trigger p0191 fault code.

Possible Cause Code P0191 Honda

1.Fuel rail pressure sensor may be faulty providing inaccurate reading or not functioning at all. This could be due to sensor wiring issue or internal component failure.

2.There may be issue with the fuel rail pressure sensor wiring harness or connector linked with fuel rail pressure sensor. Damaged or loose connection, broken wire or corroded terminal can obstruct proper sensor functioning.

3.Faulty fuel pressure regulator can lead to incorrect fuel pressure reading triggering p0191. Fuel pressure regulator may be stuck in open or closed position causing fuel pressure abnormalities.

4.Malfunctioning fuel pump or clogged fuel filter can disrupt free flow of fuel resulting in inadequate or inconsistent fuel pressure triggering p0191.

5.Leak in fuel system such as fuel injector, fuel rail or fuel lines can introduce air or can cause loss of pressure. Leaks can lead to inaccurate fuel pressure reading triggering p0191.

6.In some rear cases malfunctioning engine control module may send incorrect signal or fail to interpret data from fuel rail pressure sensor correctly. This can result in false p0191 code being generated.

Honda P0191 Possible Symptoms

1.Activation of check engine light is most common symptoms.

2.Engine may struggle during acceleration or have issue maintaining consistent speed resulting in reduced engine performance.

3.Vehicle may take longer time to start or difficulty in starting engine.

4.When engine runs uneven or produce vibration it may misfire or rough idling can also occur.

5.Faulty fuel rail pressure sensor can lead to improper fuel delivery resulting in decreased fuel efficiency.

How To Fix P0191 Honda

1.Inspect fuel rail pressure sensor for damage or malfunctioning. If fuel rail pressure sensor is faulty replaced it.

2.Check wiring harness and connectors of fuel rail pressure sensor for any damages or loose connection or corroded terminals repair or replace as necessary.

3.Inspect fuel pressure regulator for proper functioning. If fuel pressure regulator is faulty replace it to ensure proper fuel pressure regulation.

4.Inspect fuel pump and ensure it is delivering fuel at correct pressure and also inspect fuel filter for clogged or blockages that may be affecting free fuel flow.

5.Check fuel system leaks including fuel lines, fuel injector and fuel rail for any leaks or damage.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Honda P0191 for proper repair.

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