Honda P0174 – Front Bank 2 Fuel System Too Lean

Honda P0174 Front Bank 2 Fuel System Too Lean

Code P0174 Honda is DTC code indicating that fuel system is running too lean in front Bank 2 of the engine. When fuel mixture in the engine is too lean then there is not enough fuel in the air/fuel mixture for efficient combustion.

Possible Causes Code P0174 Honda

1.Vacuum line leaks or intake manifold leaks can cause unmetered air to enter the engine resulting in lean condition.

2.Faulty oxygen sensor can cause engine to receive incorrect air/fuel ratio reading resulting lean condition.

3.If fuel pressure is too low, engine may not be receiving enough fuel leading to lean condition.

4.Clogged or malfunctioning fuel injectors may not be able to deliver proper amount of fuel to the engine leading to lean condition.

5.The mass air flow sensor or MAF sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine and sends the data to ECM. If mass air flow sensor is faulty it may send incorrect reading to engine control module causing a lean condition.

6.Exhaust leaks can cause unmetered air to enter the engine causing a lean condition.

7.Faulty engine control module may not be able to properly control air/fuel ratio leading to lean condition.

8.If engine has low compression it may not be able to burn fuel efficiently resulting a lean condition.

Honda P0174 Possible Symptoms

1.The most common symptom of p0174 code is the illumination of check engine light.

2.Lean condition can cause engine to run rough at idle or it may also cause engine to stall.

3.Lean condition can cause the engine to lose power making acceleration difficult.

4.When the engine is not receiving correct air/fuel ratio it may burn more fuel than required resulting in decreased fuel economy.

5.Lean condition can cause hesitation on acceleration as the engine may not be able to receive correct amount of fuel.

6.Lean condition can cause engine misfire which leads to rough or uneven engine operation.

7.A lean condition can cause unburnt fuel to enter vehicle exhaust system resulting strong gasoline smell.

How To Fix P0174 Honda

1.Inspect for vacuum lines and intake manifold for leaks, repair or replace damaged components.

2.Check fuel pressure and replace faulty components. If fuel pressure is too low it may be due to faulty fuel pump, fuel filter or fuel pressure regulator.

3.Inspect oxygen sensor to ensure they are working properly. If sensor is found faulty replace oxygen sensor as necessary.

4.Inspect fuel injector to ensure they are operating correctly. Clean or replace any clogged or faulty fuel injector.

5.Check MAF sensor for dirt or damage, clean or replace MAP sensor as necessary.

6.Inspect and repair any exhaust system leaks.

7.If all other components are in good condition, the issue may lie with the ECM. Have a qualified technician to perform diagnostic test on ECM and replace the ECM if necessary.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Honda p0174 for proper repair.

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