Honda P0137-Secondary HO2S Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

Honda P0137 Secondary Heated Oxygen (HO2S) Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

Code P0137 Honda is DTC code indicating issue with (HO2S) oxygen sensor circuit. The HO2S sensor is responsible for monitoring the amount of unburned oxygen level in the exhaust system. So that engine control module can adjust air/fuel ratio accordingly. Low voltage output below the operating range of HO2S oxygen sensor suggest that the sensor is not functioning correctly triggering code P0137.

Fault Location- Secondary Heated Oxygen (HO2S) Sensor

Possible Causes Code P0137 Honda

1.Most common cause of this code is faulty (HO2S) oxygen sensor. As HO2S sensor fail over time due to exposure to extreme heat and exhaust gases.

2.Exhaust gas leaks causes HO2S sensor to read incorrect data triggering false p0137 code.

3.Malfunctioning fuel system causes HO2S sensor to read incorrect data triggering p0137

4.Damaged or corroded wiring harness or connector can stop HO2S sensor functioning properly and trigger p0137 code.

5.In some cases ECM(engine control module) may be cause of issue and need to replaced.

Honda P0137 DTC Code Possible Symptoms

Decreased fuel efficiency due to improper air/fuel ratio, engine misfiring, poor engine performance, rough idling and reduce engine power, too rich or too lean running engine result in increased emissions, check engine light illuminates in dashboard.

How To Fix Code P0137 Honda

1.Perform diagnostic scan using scanning tools or code reader.

2.Inspect HO2S sensor and its wiring for any damage or corrosion.

3.Inspect exhaust system for damage or leaks as exhaust leaks can cause HO2S sensor to read incorrect data triggering p0137.

4.If HO2S sensor found faulty it need to be replaced.

5.Damaged or corrosion wiring or connector of HO2S sensor need to be repaired or replaced as needed.


Its is important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue associated with p0137 for proper repairs.

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