Honda P0134-Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1 No Activity Detected

Honda P0134 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 No Activity Detected

Code P0134 Honda is DTC code indicating that ECM(engine control module)has detected problem with O2 sensor oxygen sensor circuit in bank 1 sensor 1. O2 sensor is responsible to monitor the amount of oxygen present in exhaust system. It sends signal to engine control module(ECM) so that ECM can make necessary adjustment to maintain correct air/fuel ratio.

Fault Location- Air/Fuel Ratio A/F sensor

Possible Causes Code P0134 Honda

1.Faulty or damaged O2 sensor causing it to send inaccurate reading to ECM(engine control module)

2.Damaged or corroded wiring between ECM and O2 sensor causing interruption in the signal.

3.Fuel system not delivering correct amount of fuel, this can cause incorrect O2 sensor reading triggering P0134.

4.A clogged catalytic converter can restrict free exhaust flow causing the oxygen sensor to indicate leaner than actual air/fuel ratio.

5.Vacuum leak in intake or engine system can cause imbalance air/fuel mixture triggering p0134.

6.In some rear case engine control module(ECM) itself may be faulty triggering p0134.

Honda P0134 DTC Code Possible Symptoms

Reduced fuel efficiency ,increased emission, engine misfire or may run rough, vehicle may not accelerate smoothly, engine check light illuminate.

How To Fix Code P0134 Honda

1.Check for vacuum leak as vacuum leak could be causing imbalanced air/fuel mixture.

2.Check fuel system to ensure that it is delivering correct amount of fuel to vehicle engine.

3.Inspect wiring and connector between O2 sensor and ECM for damage or corrosion. If it is found damaged repair or replace it.

4.Catalytic converter should be inspected to make sure it is not clogged and restricting free exhaust flow.

5.Inspect O2 sensor for physical damaged or corrosion if found damage replace it.

6.Inspect ECM in some rear case ECM may be faulty.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with p0134 for proper repair.

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