Honda P0133-Rear O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response

Honda P0133 Rear Air/Fuel Sensor Circuit Slow Response Bank1 Sensor 1

Code P0133 Honda is DTC code indicating fault in O2 sensor(Oxygen sensor)circuit. This code means slow response from O2 sensor circuit. When ECM(engine control module) detects that oxygen sensor signal is slow to respond it trigger P0133.

Fault Location- Rear O2 sensor Air/Fuel sensor

Possible Causes Code P0133 Honda

1.Most common cause is sensor itself. If O2 sensor has failed, it can cause slow response and set this code.

2.Damage or wear away wiring between ECM(engine control module) and O2 sensor causes slow response triggering this code.

3.Leak in exhaust system can obstruct with O2 sensor reading causing slow response and triggering this code.

4.If fuel system is not delivering correct amount of fuel it can affect oxygen sensor reading causing slow response and triggering this code.

5.Failing heating element in sensor will take longer to warm up and produce accurate signal ,which can trigger P0133.

Honda P0133 DTC Code Possible Symptoms

1.Poor fuel economy due to improper reading between engine control module and oxygen sensor.

2.Inefficient running engine, reduction in engine performance and acceleration.

3.Engine check light will illuminate.

4.Engine stalling or misfiring due to incorrect air/fuel mixture.

5.Incresed emissions level due to inefficient running engine.

How To Fix Code P0133 Honda

1.Inspect oxygen sensor and its wiring for corrosion or damage.

2.Inspect exhaust system for leaks, leak in exhaust might affect oxygen sensor reading.

3.Check resistance of oxygen sensor, if heating element is not functioning properly it need to replaced.

4.Check oxygen sensor signal level if signal is slow it need to be replaced.

5.Inspect wiring between oxygen sensor and ECM, if any wiring issue is found it will need to be repaired.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with p0133 for proper repair.

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