Honda P0132-Primary HO2S Sensor 1 Circuit High Voltage

Honda P0132 Primary Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage Sensor 1

Code P0132 Honda is DTC code indicating problem O2 sensor(Oxygen sensor) circuit in Bank 1 Sensor 1. This code means that O2 sensor is reporting voltage above the expected range. This indicates a rich air/fuel mixture, issue with O2 sensor circuit wiring or faulty O2 sensor.

Fault Location- HO2S sensor O2 Sensor 1

Possible Causes Code P0132 Honda

1.Most common cause of this code is O2 sensor failure. Gradually O2 sensor can become worn out and stop functioning correctly.

2.Too rich air/fuel mixture can cause O2 sensor to report voltage above expected range.

3.Cut or wear out sensor wiring or connector can cause sensor to report incorrect reading.

4.Fule pressure problem can cause too rich air/fuel mixture and trigger this code.

5.Intake system vacuum leak can cause too rich air/fuel mixture and trigger P0132 code.

6.Catalytic converter failure can also cause rich air/fuel mixture and trigger P0132 code.

Honda P0132 DTC Code Possible Symptoms

Most common symptom check engine light will illuminate, rich air/fuel mixture cause by this issue leads to poor fuel economy, incorrect air/fuel cause engine misfire resulting in rough or uneven idle, engine may feel less powerful as it struggles to perform due to incorrect air/fuel mixture, rich air/fuel result in increased emissions resulting failed emissions test.

How To Fix Code P0132 Honda

1.Visually inspect sensor or its wiring cuts, corroded or worn out connectors.

2.Check fuel pressure to ensure it is within specified limit.

3.Conduct air/fuel mixture test to determine air/fuel ratio.

4.If above test indicates faulty O2 sensor replace it.

5.If test indicates wiring and connections problem repair or replace damage wiring and connectors.

6.Use OBD2 scanner to analyze sensor data to determine sensor is functioning properly and providing correct reading.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue associated with p0132 for proper repair.

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