How To Relearn Honda Accord Throttle Calibration

Honda Accord Throttle Calibration:Quick and easy tutorial on how to calibrate Honda Accord throttle body.Whenever you open throttle body you need to relearn it.If it is not done the RPM will go up and down and you will have problem in driving the car.Before performing the callibration make sure to properly clean the throttle body.To perform throttle calibration you have to use scanning tool.I am using LAUNCH tool to do this reset.

Throttle Calibration Honda Accord Throttle Relearning

1.Connect the “VCI” to “OBD” port.

2.Ignition “ON” engine “OFF”.

3.Open “LAUNCH” application.


5.Click on “ASIAN”.

6.Select “HONDA” and PRESS “OK”.

7.Click on “16 PIN DLC”.

8. “VEH INFO” will display car “VIN” information PRESS “OK”.


10.Click “PGM-Fi/Diesel(Engine System)”

11.Moduel Information tab will open PRESS “OK”.


13.Intelligent Light tab will open PRESS “OK”.


15.Actuation Test tab will open PRESS “OK”.

16.Actuation Test will display Stop The Engine ,Gear Shift Neutral and Set Parking Brake.

17.Engine stop ,set the gear lever Neutral or in P ,PRESS brake paddle and PRESS OK.

18.Actuation Test tab with TP Learning Value Has Been Cleared massage will open PRESS “OK”.

19.Actuation Test tab with Start Idle Learning Step massage will open PRESS “OK”.

20. “ECM/PCM” Reset tab will open PRESS “OK”.

21.The “ECM/PCM” Has Been Reset tab open PRESS “OK”.

Throttle calibration procedure completed.You need OBD tool to complete this calibration proccess.

Honda Accord OBD port location:OBD port in Honda Accord is located below the steeing wheel in dash board.


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