How To Reset Fuel Filter Light On Toyota Innova

How To Reset Fuel Filter Light On Toyota Innova :In this post tutorial I am going to tell the how to reset water in fuel filter warning light in Toyota Innova .Whenever you refuel your car chances are there that water in entering your tank with fuel.When water reaches a certian level in car diesel filter warning light in your cluster meter begins to iluminates.

You should replace the fuel filter and perform the reseting proceduer to delete the warning light.This can be done manually following this step.You dont need any scanner or tools to perform this proceduer.

Fuel Filter Light Reset Toyota Innova

When fuel filter warning iluminates follow this step by step proceduer to reset it manually.

Step 1

First check and change “FUEL FILTER”.

Step 2

Swith ignition “OFF” and pull the “KEY” out.

Step 3

Open the “BONNET” you will find “FUEL FILTER(Diesel Filter)” on right side near the battery.

Step 4

Remove the “CONNECTOR(coupler)” of fuel filter.

Step 5

Start the “CAR” and “RECONNECT” the “CONNECTOR(coupler)” in to fuel filter while the engine is running.

Proceduer completed you will find that fuel filter warning light is gone from the cluster meter.


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