Ford U0401-Invalid Data Received From ECM/PCM

Ford U0401 Invalid Data Received From ECM/PCM

Code U0401 Ford is DTC code indicating a generic communication error between engine control module and power control module. This typically means there is issue with communication network between these module.

Possible Causes Code U0401 Ford

1.Faulty engine control module or power control module.

2.ECM/PCM wiring harness or connector open or shorted.

3.Poor electrical connection or damaged wire of engine control module or power control module circuit.

4.Faulty sensor causing power control module to send invalid data.

5.If ECM or PCM is not functioning properly it can result in communication issue triggering U0401.

Ford U0401 Possible Symptoms

1.The most common symptoms associated with U0401 is illumination of engine check light on the dash.

2.Difficulty in starting the vehicle or hard starting.

3.Engine may imitate misfire.

4.Random power loss or power failure in the vehicle.

How To Fix U0401 Ford

1.Inspect engine control module and power control module wiring and connector for damage or corrosion wiring or connector repair or replace faulty parts.

2.Inspect engine control module and power control module voltage and correct as necessary.

3.Check damaged component and look for broken or corroded connector pin for ECM/PCM.

4.Inspect or replace the engine control module /power control module if its not getting proper power or ground.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford U0401 for proper repair.

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