Ford P0299-Turbo/Supercharger Underboost

Ford P0299 Turbo/Supercharger Underboost

Code P0299 Ford is DTC code indicating problem with the turbocharger or supercharger underboost condition. It indicates that the pressure in the intake manifold is below the expected level during supercharger or turbocharger operation.

Possible Causes Code P0299 Ford

1.Faulty or malfunctioning boost pressure sensor can send incorrect reading to ECM triggering p0299.

2.Leaks in turbocharger or supercharger system such as damaged hoses, loose connection or intercooler leaks can cause loss of boost pressure triggering p0299.

3.Wastegate control the amount of exhaust gas flow to the supercharger or turbocharger. If wastegate got stuck open or close it can result in underboost condition.

4.Boost control solenoids regulates the amount of boost pressure by controlling the wastegate. Malfunctioning solenoids can leads to improper boost control triggering p0299.

5.Any kind of restriction or obstruction in the intake system such as clogged air filter or blocked air intake can reduce airflow resulting in underboost condition.

6.Issue in fuel system such as clogged fuel injector or faulty fuel pressure regulator can affect air-fuel mixture resulting in reduce engine performance.

7.In rear cases outdated or faulty engine control module software can cause incorrect boost pressure reading triggering p0299.

Ford P0299 Possible Symptoms

1.Reduce engine power when accelerating, slower acceleration or decrease in overall performance.

2.Check engine light illuminates indicating that a problem has been detected in engine management system.

3.You may here abnormal noises like whistle like sound coming from turbocharger. These noises can indicates a malfunction in the turbocharging system.

4.Due to reduce engine power vehicle may experience poor fuel economy.

5.Boost pressure gauge or sensor may show erratic or inconsistent reading indicating an issue with the turbocharger system.

How To Fix P0299 Ford

1.Inspect turbocharger system for any loose or disconnected hoses or leaks. Ensure all connection are secure.

2.Inspect intercooler for any sign of damage like leaks or clogs. A damage intercooler can cause boost pressure to reduce. Clean or replace the intercooler as required.

3.Ensure that the wastegate is operating correctly and not stuck open or closed. Clean or replace the wastegate if necessary.

4.Boost pressure sensor measures the pressure in the intake manifold. Inspect the boost pressure sensor using a multimeter replace the sensor if it is faulty.

5.Check for air leaks, any leaks in the intake system can cause underboost condition. Inspect the entire intake system and repair if any leaks is found.

6. Inspect the turbocharge/supercharger for internal damage if above steps do not resolve the issue.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford p0299 for proper repair.

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