Ford P0087-Fuel Rail System Pressure Too Low

Ford P0087 Fuel Rail System Pressure Too Low

Code P0087 Ford is DTC code indicating that the fuel pressure in the fuel rail or system is below the expected or required level. When p0087 code is set it means that the fuel pressure measured by fuel pressure sensor or fuel rail pressure sensor is lower than the specified value.

Possible Causes Code P0087 Ford

1.Weak or malfunctioning fuel pump can result in inadequate fuel pressure.

2.Clogged fuel filter can restrict fuel flow and cause low fuel pressure.

3.When fuel pressure regulator fails or gets stuck in a low-pressure position it can trigger p0087

4.Leaks or cracks in the fuel line can lead to drop in fuel pressure.

5.Malfunctioning fuel injector may not deliver accurate amount of fuel into the combustion chamber resulting in low fuel pressure.

6.Issue in the wiring and connector related to fuel pump or fuel pressure sensor can cause incorrect reading and triggering this code.

Ford 0087 Possible Symptoms

1.The most common symptoms associated with ford p0087 is illumination of check engine light on the dash.

2.Inadequate fuel pressure can result in loss of engine power resulting decrease in acceleration or overall engine performance.

3.Low fuel pressure can lead to engine misfire causing engine to run rough.

4.Low fuel pressure can make starting the engine hard or difficult in starting.

5.If fuel pressure drop too low engine may stall at idle or may stall while driving.

How To Fix P0087 Ford

1.Inspect fuel line and fuel injector for any signs of leaks or damaged, repair or replace faulty component as needed.

2.Inspect if the fuel pump is functioning correctly. Try to listen fuel pump running sound when ignition is turned on. If you don’t here fuel pump running sound it need to be replaced or repaired.

3.Inspect fuel filter condition, replace clogged or dirty fuel filter.

4.Test and verify proper operation of fuel pressure regulator. It should maintain correct fuel pressure within fuel rail system, if found faulty replace it.

5.Clogged or malfunctioning fuel injector can provide low fuel pressure, clean or replace the fuel injector as necessary.

6.Check and inspect the wiring and connector related to fuel pump and fuel pressure sensor and ensure they are secure and corrosion free.

7.Inspect functioning of fuel pressure sensor if it is providing inaccurate reading replace it.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford p0087 for proper repair.

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