Ford C0034-Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor

Ford C0034 Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor

Code C0034 Ford is DTC code indicating problem with right front wheel speed sensor. When this code is trigger it means that the vehicle onboard computer has detected an issue with the wheel speed sensor responsible for monitoring right front wheel rotational speed.

Possible Causes Code C0034 Ford

1.Faulty right front wheel speed sensor leading to inaccurate or no signal being sent to ABS control module.

2.The wiring harness that connect the right front wheel speed sensor to ECM may be damaged or have loose connection disrupting signal transmission.

3.Accumulation of brake dust or metal shaving around wheel speed sensor can obstruct proper functioning.

4.Poor conductivity or signal disruption due to corroded electrical connection.

5.Faulty ABS control module preventing it from receiving wheel speed sensor signal correctly.

6.Damaged or worn-out bearing on right front wheel assembly can affect wheel speed sensor performance.

7.Toothed ring located near the wheel speed sensor is damaged or has missing teeth leading to erratic or no signal output.

Ford C0034 Possible Symptoms

1.Most common symptom is illumination of ABS warning light on vehicle dash.

2.Stability control system may also be affected as a result traction control or stability control light may illuminate in the vehicle dash.

3.With ABS warning light on the ABS system might be disabled or not functioning correctly reducing braking performance during emergency especially on slippery surface.

4.You may experience change in braking due to compromised ABS functionality.

5.Vehicle traction control system might not work as expected resulting in reduced traction when accelerating on slippery roads.

6.Malfunctioning wheel speed sensor might affect speedometer accuracy.

7.Damaged tone ring can produce noises such grinding or scraping sound during wheel rotation.

How To Fix C0034 Ford

1.Visually inspect right front wheel area for any visible damage to wheel speed sensor, its wiring harness or connector.

2.Inspect for metal shaving or debris around wheel speed sensor that might be affecting its performance.

3.Inspect wiring harness and connector associated with right front wheel speed sensor for signs of damage or loose connection.

4.Use tools to check resistance and voltage of right front wheel speed sensor. If sensor fail these test replace the sensor.

5.Inspect and ensure that tone ring near the wheel speed sensor is without missing teeth or damage. If tone ring found damaged replace it.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with Ford cOO34 for proper repair.

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