Ford B1352-Ignition Key-In Circuit Failure

Ford B1352 Ignition Key-In Circuit Open

Code B1352 Ford is DTC code indicating a fault in the ignition key-in circuit, specifically pointing to a circuit failure or short to ground.

Possible Causes Code B1352 Ford

1.Faulty key-in switch which detects whether the ignition key is inserted or removed.

2.Wiring issue in the key-in circuit such as short to ground or damaged wire.

3.BCM(Body Control Module) which control various electronic function in the vehicle including key-in circuit may be faulty.

4.Loose or corroded electrical connection in the key-in circuit can trigger b1352.

5.Ignition lock cylinder which houses the ignition key and interfaces with the key-in switch could be damaged or faulty.

6.Blown fuse or malfunctioning relay could affect the key-in circuit.

Ford B1352 Possible Symptoms

1.Special warning light may illuminate on the vehicle dash indicating problem in the key-in circuit.

2.Key detection issue resulting in difficulties in the starting the engine.

3.Key may become stuck in the ignition switch due to fault in the key-in circuit.

4.Power accessories such as power door lock, power windows or interior lighting may not function properly or may indicate intermittent operation.

How To Fix B1352 Ford

1.Inspect the key-in switch for any visible damage or signs of malfunction. If switch is faulty it need to be replaced.

2.Check wiring in the key-in circuit for any signs of damage, repair or replace any damaged wiring as required.

3.Using specialized diagnostic tools test the key-in circuit to determine if there is a an open circuit or short to ground.

4.Inspect BCM and ensure that the BCM is functioning properly. Inspect for any signs of damage or corrosion on the BCM connector. If required clean the connector or replace the BCM.

5.Ensure all electrical connection related to key-in circuit are secure and free of corrosion. Clean, repair or replace any connections that appear damaged or loose.

6.If there are other electrical issue such as blown fuse or faulty relay repair or replace them.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related to Ford b1352 for proper repair.

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