Ford B0028-Right Side Airbag Deployment Control

Ford B0028 Right Side Airbag Deployment Control

Code B0028 Ford is DTC code indicating a problem with the right front or passenger side airbag system. It means that the resistance in the frontal deployment loop of the right front airbag is lower than the expected range.

Possible Causes Code B0028 Ford

1.Damage or loose connection in the right front airbag system can cause low resistance reading. Inspect wiring harness connector and terminal for poor connection or any signs of damage.

2.Airbag module itself may be faulty resulting in low resistance values.

3.Impact sensor are responsible for detecting collisions, faulty impact sensor may provide inaccurate resistance reading.

4.Issue with vehicle electrical system such as blown fuse or short circuit can affect the resistance value in the airbag system.

5.In some rear cases this code may be triggered due to software glitches or calibration error.

Ford B0028 Possible Symptoms

1.The most common symptoms of b0028 is illumination of airbag warning light on the dash.

2.When b0028 code is present, right front airbag may not deploy at all in the event of collision posing safety risk to the occupants of the vehicle.

How To Fix B0028 Ford

1.Before attempting any repair, refer to the vehicle service manual for specific instruction. It will provide you with detail information on the airbag system component, wiring diagrams and diagnosis procedure.

2.Visually inspect wiring harness, connector and terminal associated with right front airbag system. Look for any signs of damaged, corrosion ,loose connection or worn out wires. Repair or replace faulty wire as necessary.

3.Inspect impact sensor ensure they are properly mounted and are not damage. Replace any faulty or damage impact sensor.

4.If there are any electrical problem such as blown fuse or short circuit in airbag system. Repair or replace damaged wiring and replace blown fuse.

5.If airbag module itself is faulty it may need to be replaced. This is best handled by qualified technician or Ford dealership as it requires proper handling and calibration.

6.After making necessary repair use diagnostic tool to clear the code. This will reset airbag warning light.


Its important to have the vehicle inspected and diagnosed by professional mechanic to find and resolve issue related with b0028 for proper repair.

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