Tips To Get Rid Of Foggy Car Windshield In Rainy Season

Driving in heavy rain can be quite risky specialy with a foggy car windshield as it can obscure the vision of the driver. In order to have clear view of the road in rainy season you need a fog free windshield and windows.

What Cause Fog In Car Windshield In Rain ?

Fog gathers on your car windshield when air of different temperatures meets.When warm air comes in contact with a cold surface this result in condensation.In car foggy windshield is common affair during rainy season.

3 Simple Tricks On How To Fix Foggy Car Windows

Simple tricks to remove fog from car windows .

1.Lower The Air Temperatutre

Lower the temperature in you car as you know fog is caused by different air temperature,getting the air temperature inside the car to match outside temperature will remove fog.

Switch on car air condition set it to colder temperature. Next turn blower fan to highest settings this will match the air condition system with the outside temperature.

2.Turn On Defrost Vent With Cool Air

Switch on air condition system and set it highest colder temperature. Next turn on the defrost vent.The defrost vent will direct air to the car windshield and cool air will help windshield air temperature match temperature outside.

3.Change Car Air Source

Now day all car come with button that allows you to recirculate air present in your car or to pull air in from outside. If windshield is fogging change the setting so the air outside get pulled in. Turn on or press the button with little car with arrow pointing inside.This will help windshield temperature match temperature outside.

Driving with foggy windshield is risky for you and others. But if you use the tips as mention above you can easily and quickly get rid of foggy car windshield.

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