Difference Between Regular Oil And Synthetic Oil

Difference Between Regular Oil And Synthetic Oil: Regular oil and synthetic oil are both types of lubricants used in engine, but they have some significant differences in term of composition , performance and price. Here an overview of the main distinction between regular and synthetic oil.

Distinction Between Synthetic Oil And Regular Oil


1.Regular oil are also known as conventional or mineral oil. Regular oil is obtain from crude oil through a refining process. It contain mixture of natural occurring hydrocarbons and impurities. The refining process removes some impurities but regular oil may still contain some contaminants and unevenly sized molecules.

2.Synthetic oil is a man-made lubricant, produced through a highly controlled chemical process. It is designed to have a unform molecular structure with fewer impurities. The molecules in synthetic oil are more consistent in size and shape, resulting in more stable and durable product.


1.While regular oil provides adequate lubrication for most engine, it can break down more quickly under high temperature and heavy loads. This breakdown can lead to decreased performance and efficiency over time.

2.Synthetic oil offers superior performance in extreme condition. It can withstand higher temperature, flows more smoothly in cold weather and maintains its lubricating properties for a more extended period even under intense engine stress. As a result synthetic oil can contribute to better fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear.

Engine Protection

1.Regular oil provides adequate protection for everyday driving condition and is suitable for most vehicle. However it may not be the best choice for high-performance engine or vehicle operating under severe condition.

2.Synthetic oil provides enhanced engine protection due to its stability, consistent molecular structure and resistance to breakdown. It is particularly beneficial for turbocharged, high-performance vehicle and heavy-duty application.

Oil Change Interval

1.Generally regular oil requires more frequent oil changes compared to synthetic oil. Depending on the vehicle and driving conditions. The oil change interval for regular oil is typically between 3000 to 5000 miles(4800 to 8000 KM)

2.Synthetic oil can last longer and usually requires oil changes at interval of 7500 to 10000 miles(12000 to 16000 KM) or even more. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and driving condition.


1.Regular oil is less expensive than synthetic oil

2.Synthetic oil is more costly due to its complex manufacturing process and superior performance characteristic.

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